The Right Way to Shampoo

Everyone knows how to shampoo their hair, right? Actually, yes and no. Of course, anyone can plop some soap on their head, rub and rinse. But the difference between so-so hair and clean, shiny, manageable healthy looking hair can really come down to shampooing the right way. A little attention to detail can give you the hair of your dreams. Check out these simple but effective guidelines to washing and conditioning your hair:

  1. Wash Sparingly - There was a time when shampooing was practically unheard of. Today, lifestyle and culture expectations demand a bit more attention to this grooming detail. Even so, daily washing is probably too much cleanliness as far as the condition of your hair goes. In general most people can get excellent results with an every other day washing. Depending on your activity level or if you have a particularly oily scalp, more frequent washing may be necessary.

  2. Detangle When? – Before you shower, that’s when. And don’t use the shower spray to remove the knots. Hair becomes more fragile and tangles become more set once the hair becomes wet. So take the time to gently comb before you even step into the shower to prevent breakage and damage in the shower.

  3. Soak, soak, soak – A good through soaking before adding shampoo helps to distribute product evenly and prevents shampoo from coming into contact with dry hair. Some even recommend actually soaking your head for a full minute before shampooing! And don’t pile your hair up on top; keep your hair flat and smooth as you soak.

  4. A little dap will, in fact, do the job just fine – We do like our lather but less is actually more in this case. Excess lather is just for show and can actually create dryness and damage. A small-quarter sized amount will be fine for the majority of people.

  5. Gentle is the way to go – Heavy scrubbing is not in order here. Use your hands to gently distribute shampoo around the hairline, nape and crown, focusing on the scalp more than the hair. Lightly massage the scalp with your fingertips. Let the suds slide down your hair – this should be enough to clean the rest of the hair shaft, no rubbing required.

  6. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse – The more the better. Shampoo left behind will leave a dulling residue which will defeat your goal of clean and shiny hair. Use a cooler water rinse and ensure that the rinse is complete. A little patience here will go a long way.

  7. Conditioning – Your hair needs conditioner, not your scalp! So put it where you really need it – concentrate on mid-length down to the older, more damaged ends. And again, less is more.

  8. Rinse Away Again – Too much conditioner left behind leaves a dull, greasy buildup. Rinse and then rinse again using cooler water until hair feels clean and light.

  9. Blot Dry – Be careful with that towel. Vigorously rubbing your hair can rough up the cuticle and reverse the careful cleaning just completed. Blot and then wrap up in a towel.

  10. Long Hair / Short Hair – Take care when shampooing long hair. Hair longer than shoulder length has been exposed to wind, wear, tangles, UV damage and more. Treat the ends sparingly with shampoo but generously with conditioner.

Follow these “no-brainer” guidelines to help get beautiful, clean, healthily hair. The final tip: pick the right product for your hair. That’s where NonScents comes in. NonScents hair care products are specifically designed to clean your hair without drying it out. Developed by a hair care specialist Nonscents brand of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products are fragrance-free, professional quality products giving you salon quality results.