Frequently Asked Questions About Nonscents Fragrance Free Products


What is the difference between Fragrance Free and Unscented?

According to the FDA, these two terms have no legal definitions. Consumers often think they are the same. In the Cosmetic industry, "Unscented" means that there are masking fragrances that cover unpleasant odors from the ingredients.



Does Nonscents have any fragrance in it ­masking or not?

No, Nonscents is truly without fragrance. No masking fragrances or nasal inhibitors (chemicals that actually anesthetize the nose).


What makes Nonscents different?

There are some fragrance free hair products available, but none of them are actually salon quality, created and tested by hairstylists to make sure the hair will be and look its most healthy, shiny and manageable. And Nonscents gives you fragrance free styling products that WORK!



Is Nonscents Hypoallergenic?


The FDA has no legal definition for "Hypoallergenic." We have had no one that has reacted to any Nonscents product as of yet. Because of this, we can claim our products are hypoallergenic, but that would simply be a marketing ploy. As with all products, if you know you are allergic to a specific ingredient, then you need to read the label.


Is Nonscents safe to use on my kids who have allergies?


Yes, we are using Nonscents on our kids. The one with long hair goes thru a lot less problems with her hair since using it, and hasn't had any adverse reactions.