Just wanted to say thanks for the hair products, they arrived safely and I have been using them for the last week, and they are truly scent free. Finally able to control hair without an accompanying headache.

Thanks again,

Thank you for having products that I can use like everyone else. I could not get my hair fixed because I could not find products that did not have scents. I feel like a new woman now that I can style and spray without getting sick from the smells. All I need now is unscented oil sheen in a spray bottle and you couldn't tell me anything. A very grateful customer.

CW, Montpelier, VA 

I love, love, love your product. I have been using the shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and texture cream for several months now and love the way my hair feels and "doesn't" smell.  I quickly became a repeat customer.  I bought the shampoo and conditioner first and then came back for the hair spray and texture cream. I have allergies and mild asthma so am always looking for non-scented products. However, I had been unable to find any unscented hair products and would simply find the least offending one I could find. A beautician recommended your site and I am so happy she did.

A side benefit has been that my allergy and asthma symptoms have been reduced.  I have to wonder if it is because the hair around my face is no longer loaded with fragrance.

I wish you would come out with a non-scented thermal protection product. Since I have been unable to find that, I go without.  So if you invent one of those; I'll definitely purchase.

LF, Springfield, Mo 

Your Nonscents products are more than fabulous. They are a lifesaver to me. My husband is allergic to fragrances. Without Nonscents, I could not wear my hair in a perm-free style, and getting perms was a problem for him (more fragrance added to cover up the perm chemicals). Your products have given us a happy household. No problem for him and I have such excellent fragrance-free products at my disposal that I can cut and style my own hair and get compliments all day long.

KK, Orlando

I love your unscented shampoo and conditioner! (Free & Clear Daily Shampoo and Condition and Shine ) I have been using  very expensive, lightly scented products because my hair is color treated and needs extra conditioning. I thought it was doing OK. That it felt like dead brillow when it was wet, was because of the color.

When I tested your products, I was amazed to find my hair much smoother and easier to style. I couldn't believe it! My hair is totally different. No more wet brillow! It looks so much better when it is dry, too. The color looks great, and it is shiny! And for some reason, it stays clean longer. Great job on your products!

JD, Los Angeles