About Us

Nonscents Professional Fragrance Free Products was created by a veteran hairstylist who was tired of the constant bombardment of fragrance in the salon and on her body.  She felt that having her hair smell like a fruit salad mixed with 1950's hairspray, her face like geranium, her body like lavender and baby powder and the rest of her skin like coconut was just too much "aroma invasion". Multiply that by ten more hairstylists and clients in one room... WOW!  She started seeking out fragrance-free and unscented  products. Sadly, she was not impressed by what was available. The shampoo didn't lather, the conditioners didn't condition and the styling products were non-existant. 

Her clients that were using unscented products complained of dry hair and no styling products.They started asking her what  she could recommend that was unscented. When she couldn't, in good conscience, recommend these inferior products, they asked her to make some products  of her own.  

Nonscents is the result  of a determined hairstylst, who wanted unscented, fragrance-free products that work as well or better than the salon products she was used too.

She researched and experimented for 2 years to get exactly what she felt was what her clients and herself would be thrilled with. That is Nonscents.